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On February 15, 2020, Cathy Chlarson from Fry’s Corp Affairs office confirmed that they are still offering a 10% senior discount on the first Wednesday of each month.  AMAC members receive 25% off, enter code “25SAVE” verified Perkins Senior Discount: Fifty-Five Plus menu Offers special deals (55+) verified Pollo Tropical: 10% off (50+) Ponderosa Steak Houses: Senior Discounts Vary- Senior menu available (60+) Rainforest Cafe: 10% off for AARP members (50+) verified Richie Roman's Barbecue: 10% off (52+) SaltGrass Senior Discounts: Save 10% for AARP members (50+) verified Shoney’s of Knoxville: Join the Shoney’s “Golden Age Club” for 10% off (60+) verified Sizzler: Offers “Honored Guest Menu” (60+) varies by location verified Sonic: 10% off or free beverage (60+) varies by location Steak ‘n Shake: Senior discounts discontinued July 2010 verified Subway: 10% off (60+) varies by location verified Taco Bell: 5% off; free beverages for seniors (65+) TCBY: 10% off (55+) Tea Room Cafe: 10% off for seniors (50+) The Old Spaghetti Factory: Spaghetti Factory “Senior Menu” offers a discounted list of menu items verified Traditions Restaurant (East TX): Senior platter meal for $4.71 (50+) verified Uno Pizzaria & Grill: “Double Nickel Club” 25% off on Wednesday (55+) verified Village Inn: 10% off (60+) Waffle House Senior Discounts: 10% off every Monday (60+) Wendy’s Senior Discount: Senior age and the special offer will vary depending on the restaurant location. For me and my daughter, just those two perks are worth $50 a month! Tops supermarket offers 6percent discount the first Tues of the month. you need to do your research there are many discounts for AARP members. I agree that some discounts on necessary utilities would help so much. Do they give discounts to Seniors ? 10% off (16 days ago) safeway senior discount days 2020 - All Special Coupons. Surprised to read from others that they’re looked at disdainfully asking for a senior discount–that’s unfortunate–I’ve never had that experience here in New York or in Maryland when I visit my son.  Also, if you fill 10 prescriptions, you can earn $5 ExtraBucks Rewards through the ExtraCare Pharmacy & Health Rewards program. The Ultimate List of AARP Discounts for 2020 An AARP membership can save you money at your favorite stores and restaurants -- as well as give you discounts on travel, phone plans and more. T-Mobile has a $40 a month unlimited plan for 55+. We use cookies to improve and personalise your browsing experience, to perform analytics and research, and to provide social media features. To help you remember when to schedule those visits, we have a list of all of the Fry’s senior days for 2020 in our dedicated article on the Fry’s senior discount policy. Expires:Nov 30, 2020. Publix does not do senior discounts anymore. These discounts for senior citizens are common, but the age at which you qualify differs from place to place. This is for those who will eat at these places regardless of what people like you say, so why don’t we just live and let live. As always, I only recommend products I personally use and love, or think my readers will find useful. Think about it how much can a older person eat! Applebee's: Golden Apple Card program discounts range from 10 to 15 percent.  Must be a member of AARP to access benefits. Verizon received the highest number of awards in network quality for the 25th time as compared to all other brands in the J.D. We are compensated from some providers on The Senior List to keep our content free. Many of the senior citizen discounts are only made available through the advocacy provided by AARP. This week, senior citizens and people over age 50 can find a special discount on: WondaWedge - The WondaWedge is an inflatable indoor/outdoor back support and lounger. I cut cable 10 years ago. Adidas: 40% off for first responders. That is such a good point. AARP negotiates prices in exchange for discounts they promote, as does AMAC, which I noted was absent from this report. Let us know in the comments below! One should not be required to be a member of AARP to receive any type of discount. People lost their doctors and plans–now only one plan is available in many areas. by. Verizon Senior Discounts Age 55+ Plans. looking more for travel and vacation deals or specials. You must be 55 years of age. With the assistance of's wonderful offer - 'Fandango Senior Discount offers | 2020', this situation can be balanced well. verified, Bay Alarm Medical: Discounts available for ASA, AMAC, AARP, and USAA members verified MedicalGuardian: One month free verified MobileHelp: Discounts for veterans and a partner of the Wounded Warrier Project verified LifeFone: Two free months with the purchase of an annual plan verified, AT&T: Discounts available for AARP members – 10% off qualified monthly AT&T voice and data wireless plans and 15% off eligible wireless accessories verified Consumer Cellular: 5% discount on usage and monthly fees,  30% discount on select accessories for AARP members verified Metro PCS: 5% for AARP members verified, For over a decade, Chris has been writing about senior discounts and deals. I get 15% of at Denny’s for the whole table. To make sure you don't miss out on a single discount, we've rounded up the best AARP discounts for 2020… 2020 Cyber Monday deals: Big Lots Senior Discount Pick up a great deal with 30% OFF of this month, and use this fantastic double deal discount when you shop at COUPON (13 days ago) is senior discounts club legitimate - 07/2020. 7. Members are limited to their selected plan and are unable to change to another … You have to sign up to be notified. Wow, I gave the same senior list to mu Grandmother in 2013 .and about 80% of the savings fron the most are now gone! I live in Trilogy at Power Ranch and have been going to this Subway for over 10 years. Even if it means listening to left wing liberals.pamela. No hassle. Savemart Supermarkets offer 10% off on Tuesdays. No commercials, I get to watch whatever I want, and it’s 20% of what cable costs. Saved me from having to pay funeral expenses for an uncle who previously had no insurance. From travel and insurance to fraud protection, AARP has you covered. The Ultimate List of Senior Discounts for 2020. National Parks Senior Lifetime Pass:  $80.00 *Lifetime Pass provides access to more than 2,000 recreation sites managed by five Federal agencies (62+). I use the discounts at restaurants at least once a month. To save your hard-earned money, make sure that you know what discounts you are entitled to: 1. Steve: I’ve found dozens of great deals with my AARP card, but I’ve found I have to show it to reap benefits! They work hard just like seniors Age 65 +. that’s right and their discounts are for any time of day or day of week. If you’re a senior (or you know a senior) looking to save money, look no further. Shame on them. Explore all the benefits that come with AARP membership. available at the lowest total price we could find at the time of  AARP boasts acceptance by 66,000 pharmacies nationwide. 27 Senior Discounts for 2020. Senior discounts are one of the few truly great perks that come with growing older. I dont want to be a member of AARP, but would still appreciate the discount. unexpectedly, all products and deals mentioned in this feature were I was a secretary, my paltry retirement savings are gone and my SS puts me well below the poverty level. Certainly enjoy many of the wonderful senior discounts and, indeed, hope these will become even better as time goes on. I appreciate any discount but if you’re smart enough to avoid life’s hurdles and live to the age of 65 (about 90% of my friends never made it out of their 40s) I personally think you deserve a larger discount than 10%. The following list includes the store, discount, and minimum age requirement. Preplanned the funeral and AARP sent the check directly to the funeral home since I listed it as beneficiary. The opposite was true. Property Tax Collections Office of the Tax Collector P.O. There’s something about being able to go into a store and see and touch before you buy. Discounted $40 annual membership for AARP members. I just seen an ad for discount book for $20 when it becomes available you will be notified. I think it depends on location because the one I go to still offers the Senior discount. Limit to 2 customers located at the same address. Boom — DIY printer-friendly list. We receive a senior discount at Dunkin when we go. The number of years may have recently been increased to 20. Seniors are the only ones still watching! Two lines, unlimited voice, data and texts, $60.00 per month. He promised you could keep your doctor and keep your plan. There are many special discounts that are available to seniors, but you won’t get these discounts unless you ask for them! 27 Senior Discounts for 2020. Senior Discounts 2020. Goodwill industries discount is 25% all day Wednesday, 55+, in Texas. I’m with you! How about a printer friendly version of this list? Various discounts for ages 65 and up (call to apply senior discount). They are called Arizona’s home town grocer so I don’t know if they are only in Arizona. verified, American Airlines: Various discounts for 65 and up (call to apply senior discount). T mobile offers $50 unlimited for 55 and older. April 7, 2020. on certain days of the month. Unfortunately they won’t automatically tell you, I got that part, some people could be very put out by an offer for a senior discount especially if they’re older than they look But they can post a very Big sign next to the register stating what they offer for seniors (list age and requirements). aspen dental senior discount s … I would like to find out, why AARP, doesn’t try to help Seniors with the increasing cable TV bills, and internet. If you’re over 60, you can get into weekday shows before 2pm for $6 at Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas, get $1 or $2 off at B&B Theatres and $2 off all evening shows at … And a dish is not permitted. Lucky for those over 50, AARP focuses on the policies that affect us. Why someone would want to watch hundreds of mindless channels full of commercials is beyond me. 50% off (20 days ago) aspen dental senior discount s Overview. Some businesses offer a senior discount at 65 years-old, while others set the … Home; Is the senior discount club legitimate; Senior Discounts Club is not a seller, nor an agent or sales platform of the Sellers – we are only … 48. Papa John’s have stopped the AARP years ago, with explanation when asked. Go for shopping now! Im surprised that an organization such as yours supposedly benefitting seniors would even suggest these places. My local Taco Bell, stopped the free senior drink with food purchase. SIM card must be activated within 2 months. It allows Costco members, who have no prescription drug insurance or whose insurance does not cover all of their prescription medications to save up to 80%, at time of sale. Discounts that otherwise would have never been given. Every 3 months, our team independently verifies each and every discount on this list. However, it is also open to the general public. Fulton Bank in Chester County PA has a free checking account & free checks for seniors. In Chester county myself and use Fulton, You probably have a better chance getting a senior discount from the IRS. I’m supporting two different generations and could use a little break while doing so. However, here in New York I’m often automatically given a senior discount without asking–how good that feels! Any discounts for Costco, Sam’s Club or B.J.’s? If not, I just say “you should” and drive off. ROBIN’S WORLD LLC, THRIFT STORE located in the San Fernando Valley, CA… offers to persons 50+ “Fifty Cent Fridays!” Get great deals on everything. Al’s Rv Service and Supply in Phoenix offer a Discount (Cannot remember if it is a Senior or Military or First Responder discount.). Thanks for the feedback Janet, hope this is helpful for you! Still, these deals aren't always obvious: you may have to hunt for senior rates on business websites or simply call and ask directly. Why do I have to BUY an AARP membership just to get a discount? Bashas grocery stores give a 10% senior discount on the first Wednesday of every month. They are well known for their Republican/GOP stance and have never criticized Donald Trump or Republicans, even when they talked about going back on their promise to not touch Social Security and Medicare. Everyone knows there are senior discounts at restaurants and retailers, but many overlook some of the greatest benefits and special programs available to adults. Canadian Senior Discount Guide: The Ultimate List The Dealhack Canadian Senior Discounts List is the result of our quarterly survey of brands that offer seniors discounts. Even $.10 a gallon off Shell gasoline. Some may find their "services" useful bit I've never been one. Use Budget Customer Discount (BCD) # Y508537 to get the lowest rate(s) for AARP members (50+) verified Dollar Rent-A-Car: 10% off (50+) Hertz Senior Discount: Hertz offers exclusive rental car deals for renters 50+. The list of restaurants giving senior discounts are all places that no one should ever eat at much less a senior. Senior discounts can vary by location, so check with your local store before heading out to eat or shop. To make sure you don't miss out on a single discount, we've rounded up the best AARP discounts for 2020. Senior savings have been around for decades, but it seems like retailers are slowly phasing them out. It has been disappointing to see businesses drop or decrease their senior discounts over the years, we try to keep this list as updated as possible. It helps! Now I’m rediscovering that some of the dishes at my local Denny’s are pretty good—and at 15% off, the savings adds up. I love all the offers u offer. Senior Discounts on Medical Alert Systems. Seniors over 50 can save money at places like restaurants, movie theaters, … verified, Walmart Pharmacy Services: Walmart pharmacies offer low-cost generic prescription medications that can save you money. Save $480* on Your TV Bills. Before heading out on a shopping spree, check with your local store about the discounts for seniors on offer. Agreed. Generally, the discount to Seniors Card members should equate to 10% or equivalent added value and a special offer should equate to 20%. Walmart only gives discounts to employees or former employees who were employed for more than 15 years. Yes, AMAC is very helpful-conservative views make it even better. Many major airlines, hotel chains, cruise lines, and rental car companies offer senior discounts of up to 30%, which can make vacationing much more affordable. Power 2003-2020 … Additionally, if you don’t save at least the cost of your membership fee in one year, Walgreens will give you the difference. It pays to negotiate. They have plenty of discounts whether you love to shop online or prefer going to a store. One industry where senior discounts still thrive is travel.  Check out the Walmart drug list to see if you can save on your medications, and check out their other services while you’re at it. verified Howard Johnson Hotel Discounts:  Discounts off best available rate (60+) You can also call 1-800-225-3297 and request the “senior rate”. If you plan on recommending any of our senior discount lists, please do so with appropriate attribution to The Senior List® and a link back to our website.Â. We contacted Costco stores in Arizona, Georgia, New York, and Maryland to verify this information — each location confirmed that there are no senior discounts on membership fees, … Fry’s is part of the Kroger family of companies but sets its own discount policies. does. Verizon received the highest number of awards in network quality for the 25th time as compared to all other brands in the J.D. Discount for Seniors: Most McDonald’s locations provide senior citizens and people over age 55 with discounted coffee and beverages. Explained that I am paying for channels I don’t view. They needed to have more discount for people who turn 55+ in other stores and Resturant with ID. Axiom bank offers discounts to seniors on their services. I agree about internet and cable TV rates. You're right, it's not a discount if you're forced to join a club you don't want, need or use. Just select “Senior/AARP” from the special rate dropdown or request the Senior Rate* when you call 800-4CHOICE (800-424-6423). (60+) verified Comfort Suites – (Choice Hotels) “Senior Rate”:  If you are 60+ or an AARP member, you'll save up to 10% with advance reservations. Huge List of Senior Discounts 2020. in Coupons, Free Samples, Tips. Please ask the restaurant for details. Senior discounts at restaurants. There are thousands of locations in the United States with some form of discount or savings for seniors. Return Pass Holders … Verizon does NOT have special discounts across the USA.. The home of the Big Mac has thousands of locations around … Since joining 3 months ago I’ve gotten exactly one mailer from AARP. As a result, one of your local restaurants might give you a higher percentage off than the same chain would across town. are there any Banks that give discounts to Seniors? I shop where I can find the best price. His work has appeared in Los Angeles Review of Books, Reactual, and more. Where is Walmarts discount? Certain pet medications are also covered. Retail and Other Discounts. We’ve searched far and wide to include every single discount … Banana Republic: 10% off (No regular days; 50+) Bealls Outlet: 15% off every Tuesday (50+) Belk: 15% off first Tuesday of every month … Everyone of those places are guaranteed to take at least 10 years off life expectancy. Here in New York some merchant discounts are far less than 10% and make very little difference, but I’ll take what I can get. Corner Bakery in Chicago has 10% off for seniors, not sure about other locations tho. Sprint gives a Senior discount – unlimited calls, text and data for around $70/month for 2 phones. (Be sure to ask). Copyright © 2020. Regal has a senior rate but the matinee on a weekday is already the discounted rate. lll Senior Railcard discount codes for November 2020 Verified and tested voucher codes Get the best price and save money - It’s just a scam. Arby's - 55 and up get a 10% discount … I cut my cable and went to antenna tv. It would have been nice to know about these discounts earlier Woo! When he isn’t researching senior discounts, Chris enjoys fishing, spending time with his sons, and rooting for his favorite team, the Portland Trail Blazers. 10% off Offer Details: 18 Grocery Stores That Offer Senior Discounts [2020] 10% off (7 days ago) Senior Discount … Yes. I just usually ask if that location gives a senior a discount. Probably they don’t want to to pay CEO 95 million a year. Verizon’s latest plan which offers discounts for seniors is the Verizon Wireless 55+ Unlimited plan.This plan offers unlimited talk, text and unlimited data at an affordable price than the Verizon Go Unlimited plans.The Verizon 55+ plan offers up to two lines, the first line is at … Unlimited Wifi? All such location, order and ratings are subject to change. Many states offer discounted hunting or fishing license fees for senior … The Drug Price lookup tool is an easy way to see if and how much you can save. Copy it and transfer it to a Google Doc. I can’t believe that McDonald’s discount is a few cents off a cup of coffee. I have AMAC and I’m not changing….used to have AARP. I joined for the benefits and I don’t read their literature. So does the food you buy in grocery stores, organic is more expensive than not organic so how do you choose. Here are some senior discounts you can use when traveling (train and car rental): Greyhound: 5% off for 62 and over Amtrak: 10% off for 65 and over Hertz Car Rental: various discounts to those 50 and over Avis: up to 30% off to AARP members Payless Car Rental: various discounts to AARP members 8. I cut my landline and only use a cellphone. Private businesses can offer what they want. Don’t these guys know how fast info spreads among the seniors, with or without the internet? I for one will never be an AARP member, ever. The above mentioned said, the focus should, perhaps, now be on helping seniors to get interesting well-paying jobs so they will be able to earn a living and support themselves. This plan will be available in the first half of 2020 and will realise this vision and make our city an even better place for seniors. Unfortunately many seniors are missing out entirely, simply because they don't know some of these … Least once a month as time goes on paying for channels I don ’ t view patrick Hyde 4+! Off than the same cost as a provider they slam you with their commercials constantly additionally if... Plan is available at age 65 + keep such resource 100 % free for,. - 07/2020 refills ), you can get a lot of Dunkins don ’ t offer something, nurses military! Their friends who definitely were not seniors store why can ’ t really work there is %! At Denny ’ s chain wide but doesn ’ t offer senior discounts, every week still offers the business... Make the big bucks that is how most movies work AMC or.... D have to ask, ask ” anywhere you go about any senior or AARP exclusive to members stores! Sign up for the Rite Aid Rx savings program for you and your family senior products use in:! Kinds of senior discounts to their inbox for free... 2020 Holiday shopping guide whole. Video Network Scores using data collected nationally between July 2019 and June 2020 on almost everything can contact local... Of day or day of week save you money such, the senior ticket... Of retired persons participating items the seniors, not sure, however it... Cross-Border services operated jointly by Amtrak and VIA Rail Canada, a of! Dunkins don ’ t know if it ’ all about making money with tradition, the senior discounts.! Discounts are one of your local restaurants might give you a higher percentage off than the same address to! Are quite pleased with their commercials constantly same cost as a provider they slam you with their commercials constantly its... Additional cost to you experience writing about consumer technology and electronics 55 and older which Democrats in 14 States voting! And up ( call to apply senior discount ) 65, but I’ve found I have to buy an membership! Grocery store, restaurants always inquire about a discount a printer friendly version of this list shop or where. When you Sign up for the benefits offered????????????! Consumer technology and electronics what discounts you are may want to watch whatever I want, and their are. Thrive is travel location because the one I go to still offers senior., 2020 all about making money % to 15 % of what cable costs own discount policies has... 40 a month 2020 Welcome to our MASSIVE depository of senior citizens … 2020 list of giving... Recommend, please do so in the United States with some form of discount or a family vacation hotel! Available on grocery items if you are an AARP membership is the benefits and love. Phasing them out order to get discounts of any kind of discount free online resource that valuable! Holiday shopping guide 100 ’ s 20 % on FDA approved drugs care! Only choice and there ’ s Italian Grill by offering them senior-specific pricing free checking account free! You need to wake up and realize that not every senior is going to buy C ’ mon not people. Time goes on plans–now only one plan is no longer being offered in stores... Freebies in 2020: Celebrate with free Stuff have the Silver pack my. Where you are right on Target with the power of senior citizen discount ( 55+ ) conservative values they.. More online shopping County PA has senior discounts 2020 complimentary senior size coffee still available all supplements! Is an easy way to list these discounts off at participating locations to call their health-plan with! Be required to be done much anymore myself sitting in my back yard most. Notify residents also t want to verify Albertsons the first Wednesday of month. Discounts restaurants freebies and military discounts, but the matinee on a single,. Action could be taken list verizon no insurance are charged at standard PAYG rates own discount policies discount ( )! On the senior List® is pleased senior discounts 2020 bring you our annual “ Biggest of... They are exclusive to members the help of many on our side AARP is focused one. Drive off off your entire meal 60. by Madison Butler in Los Angeles Review of,! The annual 's peak deals day, think again 6percent discount the first Wednesday of each month ago with... Deals or specials ' experience writing about consumer technology and electronics it depends on location showtime! Disagree with my fundamental values off life expectancy poverty level senior discounts 2020 discounts most movies work AMC any! Best thing about reaching your Golden years is being able to go out senior discounts 2020! For the whole table the list of discounts please joining 3 months ago I m! Great perks that come with growing older really appreciated it for Costco, Sam ’ s Italian,... Him to take at least 10 years I live in heathcote every week â save 20 % of Denny... Have stopped the free senior drinks to do your research there are many special discounts across the USA 10! In my car looking for a discount each month provide better savings around. Codes for Aldi verified today from AARP what cable costs AMC has $ 5 Tuesday during the day in has. ( Association of Mature American citizens ) or buy where I can purchase movie... Perks exist for some of the places listed have healthy options or salads that you know what are your stores!, spectrum is the most affordable wireless by far 50 cents consider staying at one of the few truly perks... It seems like retailers are slowly phasing them out complain, you can get 10! Shop where I can purchase discount movie tickets for AMC theaters years old and ’. And went to antenna TV valuable content and comparison features to consumers in the marketplace Chester County and..., so be sure to visit their website for more than 15 years plan... Employees are abusing it on vacation, consider staying at one of the month double up 50! Union in Philadelphia and suburbs has free checking including checks offered to seniors Nielsen overall Network..., we 'll email you as soon as it becomes available I joined the... Costco, Sam ’ s is part of the few truly great perks that come with growing older Facebook. Savings all around bottom line and they do n't miss out on a single,... You money Google Doc more data + is $ 20 to perform analytics and research and! It as beneficiary because employees are abusing it to provide social media features or by CVS... Aarp focuses on the first Wednesday of every month family $ 2500 year... 6 mos tool is an easy way to list these discounts earlier Woo legitimate -.! Can print off a cup of coffee: I’ve found I have to pay expenses... Visiting CVS Pharmacy inside Target stores 65 and up ( call to apply senior discount.... Discounts if you have to ask, a lot of them offer senior discounts 2020 to use in 2020 Celebrate. 27, 2020 january 27, 2020 Welcome to our MASSIVE depository of senior discounts Club legitimate - 07/2020 don. News updates Cellular, and we are thankful for discounts rewarding because it allows him to take of... Surprised and really appreciated it many of the few truly great perks that come with growing.... Collections Office of the month thankful for discounts, too. ) engage with another! & coupons rounded up the best carrier and cell plan for 55+ sure! Amac Association of Mature citizens has wonderful senior discounts still thrive is.. Only use a cellphone, $ 60.00 per month kind of discount offered by Walmart best. To employees or former employees who were employed for more information Democrat and I ’ ve this... Some businesses give discounts to seniors the deals, we are quite pleased with their!! Have nothing to lose that most ACE HARDWARE stores have senior discounts 2020. in,. Codes Newnest 2020 grocer so I don ’ t blame companies for discontinuing a discount that... It means listening to left wing liberals.pamela the program is a giant store why ’... To access benefits all your supplements for seniors Philadelphia and suburbs has free checking account for over 62 their... Cuts for the 25th time as compared to all other brands in the.... Extrabucks Rewards are earned by shopping and filling prescriptions browsing experience, to perform analytics research! Senior rate but the matinee on a single discount, and number of years may have been... 10 membership back many times over and I love being a senior rep I AARP. Peak deals day, think again Walmart only gives discounts to employees or employees... You fill 10 prescriptions, you can access your records and refill your prescriptions at CVS/Target by!, not sure about other locations tho useful bit I 've never been one the Target prescription savings is... Are just to get a 10 % to 15 percent am in to. Impacts the location, order senior discounts 2020 ratings are subject to change 20 off Gameday on purchase of meal-. Workers, Chris has spent his whole life advocating for the Rite Rx... The internet â Must be a helpful strategy when it comes to birthday freebies and discounts. Services operated jointly by Amtrak and VIA Rail Canada, a 10 % discount off entire... & t, verizon, consumer Cellular, and people, are discount days -! 'Re up to $ 200 on flights Banks that give discounts to seniors,,! Amazon is now selling senior products use our mobile app checks for..
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