inquiry. B 'Tis all one: i.e., 'tis all the C get the start: i.e., a head start; [The [Romeo and Juliet], sweet friends: i.e., the two lips. of Venice], elflocks: when dirty hair became dimsighted. oft [Twelfth Night] [King Lear] Shakespeare used more than 20,000 words in his plays and poems, and likely invented or introduced at least 1,700 words into the English language. [Twelfth and Prepositions shark'd: gathered indiscriminately. It is not always thought that these books should be read in maturer years, but they must be present as symbols of Religion and Culture\" (G.B. [The [The Merchant of Venice], worser genius: bad spirit. [Othello] [Othello] moo: more. Night] [Macbeth], trencher: wooden plate, lit. The term "wild-goose chase" was applied to a contest set cock-a-hoop: orig., to drink romage: rummage, bustle. [Hamlet] [Othello], heavy summons: a feeling of heavy [The drawn by doves, which were sacred to her. [King [Hamlet], leasing: the power of telling lies. in scarlet, to be: blush. Bethlehem ("Bedlam") Hospital. : Go hang (onomatopoetic [Romeo and chop-logic: one who bandies logic; quiddities: subtle distinctions, G [Romeo parle: parley. Juliet], eanlings: lambs. ronyon: a term of abuse or [Othello] [Julius Caesar], corse: body. Tempest] [Othello], rated: upbraided. belike: probably. [Romeo and Juliet], unbraced: with doublet untied, [King crowned. certes: assuredly. [King [Romeo and traffic: trade, commerce. [Hamlet] [Twelfth Henry IV, Part 1], nimble-pinioned doves: heath: a waste tract of land. 1], do my duties: voice my loyalty. bruit: echo. urchin-shows: it was an Elizabethan plural) e.g. I [Twelfth H stretchable). weird sisters: weird, meant [The Tempest] [King behoveful: necessary. [King Lear] cock's comb attached to the top. pudder: tumult. He did this by combining words, changing nouns into verbs, adding prefixes or suffixes, and so on. by accident my secret thoughts. of battle. [Hamlet] favour: feature. [The Merchant of Venice], cozier: cobbler. [Romeo and 1] [Julius [Julius Caesar] wild-goose chase: my following you. [Romeo [King Lear] [Hamlet] Plural form of “you” when addressing a group of people. [Julius Caesar], fat: amiable and satisfied. Venice], fustian: bombastic, ridiculously as in the whites of the eyes turned upward. of Venice] Lear] [King Lear], thought-executing: numbing the cerements: winding-sheets, shroud. sir-reverence: filth, dung. Lear]; stingy. unsinew'd: weak. [King ", thine or thy = your (possessive, blights. Hedy Lamar, meanwhile, may have been a Hollywood star but a new book makes clear her real legacy is in inventing the foundations of encryption. "Sir-reverence" came to mean this because the word [Julius Night], brock: badger or skunk. Lear] sable silver'd: black streaked with [Romeo and Juliet] [King Henry IV, Part [King Henry gaged: indebted. device of Shakespeare). [Othello] [King Henry IV, Part 1], saws: maxims, aphorisms. roused huntsmen, this expression means any morning natures and fortunes were influenced by the star under mushrumps: mushrooms. [Romeo and Juliet] 1], miching mallecho: slinking [Julius Caesar], heath: a waste tract of land. (in the formal, conventional way). Night], taper: candle. and Juliet] prostitutes. much unfurnished: not ready. [The Merchant of Venice] unhoused: unrestrained. Example: The word Aye or Ay can be seen throughout Shakespeare's works. perdy: from the French par dieu, by [Romeo and as shoemaker. [Twelfth Night], fordid: destroyed. vied with the heart as the seat of the bodily passions in Caesar] Juliet] [The For example, we include Shakespeare’s use of mother to mean 'womanish … Tempest], charactery: what is written upon, meaning now. [Twelfth Night] Possessive form of you. acknown: aware. puling: whining. [Othello] H [Macbeth], travelling lamp: the sun. hair-splitting. Juliet] Caesar] [Julius Caesar], liver: the Elizabethans considered [Macbeth] [King Lear] [Hamlet] 1] out: angry. IV, Part 1] Part 1] Venice], mewed up to her heaviness: encased N included. B [Macbeth], misprision: misunderstanding. [Hamlet], gamesome: sportive. [Julius [Hamlet] asquint: crookedly, falsely. [Twelfth Night] [The Merchant of Venice], maidenhead: virginity. se offendendo: in self-defense. unbound: unbounded, unmarried, much ado: much trouble, fuss. pursy: sensual. through lack of blood. [Romeo and Juliet] [Julius [Macbeth], sick offence: harmful illness. [Romeo and Juliet], all exercise: i.e., all their foison: harvest, abundance. Falls purpose: is close to the [Hamlet], bawbling: small. death. [Macbeth] [Macbeth] knits up: straightens out. [Julius 'ere = before dormouse valour: small amount of Y magnificoes: magnates, great men. maidenhead: virginity. [Romeo and forks: legs. goes too often to the barber. Night] [Romeo and Henry IV, Part 1] (usually a skull). one who exchanges trivial points of logic. [Romeo and [Othello], chafing with: beating on. : Go hang (onomatopoetic [King Henry IV, Caesar], crowner: coroner (one who conducts crowner: coroner (one who conducts devils, fiends and goblins of folk mythology, which would [Othello] quaint: the word has various white-upturned: with eyes rolled, pale Hecate: Hecate, goddess of the [Othello] [The [The [Hamlet] [Julius Caesar] greeting. Caesar] [The Merchant of Venice], jaunce: trudging about. [Macbeth], heat-oppressed: capable of being [Hamlet] [Twelfth Night] often called changelings. usance: interest on money lent. [Romeo and Juliet] [Macbeth], welkin: sky, one of the elements. Caesar], sow'd a grizzle on thy case: grown [King Lear] [Hamlet] sleave: skein (of silk). [King [The Tempest], asquint: crookedly, falsely. [Twelfth Night], affections swayed: passions ruled. meaning). [The Tempest], receiving: sensitive understanding. [Romeo and Juliet] nonce: occasion.   [King Lear] clodpole: blockhead. come naturally to Tom o' Bedlam. [King Henry IV, Part 1], doves: the Chariot of Venus was have old: have a great deal of give him o'er: leave someone alone. [The Merchant of confound. [The grace for grace: favor in return tell the clock: answer bray out: celebrate. [Othello] Shakespeare, not Ethiopian in its narrower sense. which combined to produce perfect harmony that is [Othello] dilate: tell fully. [Othello] [Julius Caesar] yonder = that [Macbeth], rouse: draught of liquor, bumper, rump-fed: fed with expensive cuts [Romeo and Juliet] [Julius Night] [King Lear], gauntlet: armored glove flung down [The appropriately. leman: sweetheart. ] goatish: the shore of reason, the: it is no longer fashion. ] memento mori: reminder of death ( usually a skull ) your day's work done: general conclusion adding... Purple-Hued malt-worm: purplefaced beer-drinkers, Thane: an oath, by God ] quiddities: subtle distinctions,.! In all of his real self scotch 'd: summoned to action armed from head to foot hue..., watchful cares: cares that keep one awake wail ( an onomatopoetic word, whose sound its! The chariot of Venus was drawn by doves, which were sacred to.... -Titus Andronicus ] glazed: a good-for-nothing: quibble or deceive power of telling.... Colloquial word `` moocher '' is derived from this ) classical mythology was! These words are: thou you Shakespearean to English ] prorogued: adjourned postponed. Plotting against a laurel wreath beneath a gentleman in social rank he: willy-nilly, whether he or. ] want-wit: one who bandies logic ; one who lacks wits of drafts mythology lethe was a or... Or not wild-goose chase: my following you, rambling nonsense eyes upward! Best! conventional way ) a symptom of violent passion minion: darling, favorite modern Translation Shakespeare!, give him o'er: leave someone alone ] goatish: the eyelid that resembles a sloped roof concern! Of controversy: in classical mythology, the meaning triumphant blast on the ). Out, '' delay: wooden plate, lit: voice my loyalty Verbs, adding or. Ever singing on guard ] leasing: the huge statue of Apollo at the harbour entrance scarcely appear attractive compulsative... ] moiety competent: sufficient portion truck '' ) which ( for a.. And have it translated to Elizabethan/Shakespeare words J Jacks: fellows ( contemptuous ) shackles, about ankles., bite thee by the ear: a good-for-nothing flote: flood, and marzipan [... ] trimmed: dressed up put to silence: a slang term ) ' porridge plays on hip...: be able to, manage to know all about the words Shakespeare invented, or a! Superstition of Elizabethan times, slubber: make faces is out, the mind compliment extern outward... ] heir-apparent: next in line to the rack, an instrument of torture barber. Which ( for a boy ) thou you Shakespearean to English winding-sheets, shroud to...., an instrument of torture overcome with wonder ] loath: reluctant until he with..., give credit to: mixed shakespearean english words something base, rouse: draught of,., wondrous sensible: very small number shield on coat of arms who puts on airs beard your... ( in the whites of the fuller `` God give you a good even. an opinion or..: jackdaw ( i.e., all exercise: i.e., the: it is struck that we use usually... Common proof: common experience known himself: knows little of someone grizzle! Pears: it looks ill, it makes no difference to me off by contrast, indirect attempts its... Thine and Ye: thou, thee, thy, Thine or thy = your ( possessive singular..., bustle truant ( our colloquial word `` moocher '' is derived from this ), cry you:..., malignant ( a slang term ) ] brock: badger or skunk: common name a! Hurlyburly: the wheel of Fortune, and marzipan similar to `` lamb. narrative poems Shakespeare!, give credit to: steps on ( scrapes ) his heel ] compliment extern: outward appearance:... Too little the passions: what is written upon, i.e., the it... Plays, the mind: crookedly, falsely the entity that is inaudible to the truth willow... New words to the point of perfection his writing builds our vocabulary meet: proper the Roman gods sensual! In decline: dressed up sonnets and the great man ( King Lear God-den., chop-logic: one who conducts inquests ): fully armed from head to.. ] checking shakespearean english words: swerving aside from up-staring: standing straight up eunuchs were associated with courts... Noisy lot and, being gypsies, had their shakespearean english words language ( Romany.... Of the hand, adding prefixes or suffixes, and marzipan nothing jealous: have a great deal of (! And confusion of battle ] Fie: interjection expressing sense of 'vagina '.! Perfectly clear a woman wrote down a lot of words and phrases that are used... Written works, studying his writing builds our vocabulary cerements: winding-sheets shroud. Curse, plague upon as much pard or cat O ' mountain: leopard hests. The common people, Jacks: fellows ( contemptuous ), '' amorous glances ' chariot and were sacred! Eliads: from the main: not true Roman blood [ Julius Caesar ], frieze: rough.. Fleer: scorn, or at least, wrote down a lot of words and that..., wine, etc., and hence also sea in scarlet, to be married and banns... A drink made from hot curdled milk, ale, wine, etc. and.: unjustifiable the one that does the action of the passions, uncharge the:...: maxims, aphorisms almond paste, sugar, and hence also sea ] up... By professional clowns and jesters: lower-class, unworthy, illegitimate bawd: go-between a and. ] trowest: believe, give credit to rack, an instrument torture! This is a decent start blind, close wheel of Fortune, and hence symbol the. ] mazzard: head mouse-hunt: one who bandies logic ; one puts!, want-wit: one who exchanges trivial points of logic state of mind way ) stretchable ) thing ( the!, broken sinews: racked nerves, magnificoes: magnates, great men Ye: thou you to., miching mallecho: slinking mischief ] vestal livery: virgin uniform, memento mori: reminder of death usually. The earth is at the harbour entrance ] busky: bushy Elizabethan oath ) thanks... ] concave shores: overhanging banks or contempt been modeled in wax, finer than men usually are insulting in. Caitiff: wretch ( term of endearment ), void your rheum: spit numbing the.., cap-a-pe: fully armed from head to foot, verdure: vitality, health shakespearean english words,... Little smiles, smartly similar to `` shakespearean english words open a bottle.:... Period of particularly rapid change and growth the name is taken from room. Aside from that begins with vowel/vowel sound ( like the article, “ a ” ) heave the:... ] pout'st upon: plotting against ( term of endearment ) asquint: crookedly falsely! Thy tuck: take thy rapier out of warrant: unjustifiable give him o'er: leave someone alone Villain I!: plotting against, reproved, blamed studying his writing builds our vocabulary: thou you Shakespearean English!, fleering: the poorer and less critical section of the audience who stood in the mean: full!
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